The first Music Hack Day Stockholm has now come and gone. Looking back at the hack day weekend and trying to sum it up wasn’t easy, so I’m going to cheat and use Eric Wahlforss’ (of Soundcloud) words; This has got to be the best #musichackday eva!!. Turned out he wasn’t just fooling around - a fantastic ~30 demos/presentations rounded up the event during early Sunday evening.

How come everything worked out so darn well then? I’d say we were lucky; lucky to convince some fantastic sponsors to help us out, and even more lucky to manage to attract so many brilliant attendees. Add to this a wonderful venue plus tasty drinks and meals. You want more? What about top notch API presentations, letting the attendees concentrate on the actual hacking itself with full focus? In short - great success! Some of our guests even claimed improved typing speed after a close encounter with the now (in)famous Swedish beer fridge

We also managed to get quite an amount of press coverage. Swedish public service’s Stockholm news (ABC) even broadcasted an interview with Henrik during the last day of the event.

Could we have done things differently? Of course! I’ll try to remember to add an option to the signup form where you can specify what can of food you’re into (vegetarian? vegan? plain ol’ meat?). Another thing that crossed my mind was the missing option during signup of sharing your contact details with the rest of the attendees - could have been useful if we wanted to publish a list of people that had signed up for the event…

I’m not going to rave on about this any longer. I’m looking forward to the next hack day already - if not only for the hacking so for being able to meet you all again! Until then… hack away!