If you’re using Wezterm on macOS and haven’t been able to get Alfred.app to use it as its preferred terminal - look no further. Open Alfred, go into its Preferences, select Features and then Terminal, and then set the Application to Custom. Use the below AppleScript, and you’re good to go (well, you should update the shell to whatever you’re using vs the hardcoded path to fish):

PS: Combine this with an Alfred workflow that listens for a hotkey, grabs the current Finder selection and passes this on to the “Browse in terminal” object, and you could do something like selecting a file in Finder and pressing Cmd+Shift+Enter, and Wezterm will open with the file’s directory as its working directory.

on alfred_script(q)
    tell application "wezterm" to activate
    do shell script "/Applications/WezTerm.app/Contents/MacOS/wezterm cli spawn -- /opt/homebrew/bin/fish -c '" & q & "; and exec fish'"
end alfred_script