Dear Google,

I’m trying to plough throw my news feed using your excellent Google Reader web app for the iPhone. The app primarily serves my mark interesting items now, then read them later need - I like to read selected items on my portable computer since it’s more flexible than the iPhone when it comes to bookmarking, browsing similar content etc. I perform this operation by skimming through all new items, marking “interesting” ones with a star.

So far so good, so what’s the problem then? Well, for some reason you’ve decided to put the option to star an item in its header. This works really well if an item doesn’t span more than one page, i.e. the height of the iPhone’s screen. If an item spans more than one page, you will have to scroll back (up) to the item’s title be able to star the item. Really cumbersome, especially for longer items. I’d propose you put the star option in the item’s footer instead, which currently has all other fancy options but starring….

Would you be kind enough to think about this prior to your next update to the iPhone Reader web app?

Yours truly, Mattias