This is old news for all of you iOS device owners out there, but I’m now officially tired of Apple’s design of notifications. This goes without saying, but I despise the behavior of both local and push notifications (since they don’t really differ in anything but origin).

The basic problem with Apple’s implementation is that a notification on an iOS device either takes over the session (modal message boxes anyone?), or is discarded (this happens all the time if you get notifications while the screen is locked). My idea of a notification is that you get notified of that something has happened, and then the OS lets you choose whether you want to act on it or not.

This can’t be too hard to fix, so please learn from the pros and make use of that Dellinger you hired this summer to get your shit together prior to releasing the next major iOS version. I know you can do better, hence I expect to be surprised and delighted. Just over-deliver, like you usually do, and everyone will be happy.